Friday, March 18, 2011

Flat Fee MLS Advantage

Many flat fee service providers allow the seller to advertise as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) by using their sign and contact information in the yard.

Another significant advantage to Flat Fee is most service providers stipulate that if the seller finds his own buyer without the use of a buyer's agent, then the buyer's agent commission is eliminated, and the seller owes no agent a commission.

Other advantages for the seller may include the option to cancel the listing at anytime without penalty and relist with another service provider or full service agent, effectively eliminating any "minimum length of service" (the listing period) typically required by full service agents.

During the housing slump in some states starting in 2007, a new interest in flat fee listing services to help gain a price advantage has occurred. By reducing the listing agent cost, property sellers have been able to reduce their price below their neighbors', thus increasing the chance of making the sale. Also, in some cases sellers may avoid the need to make a short sale.

For more information on our flat listing fee program, go to or call anytime, 1-877-270-FSBO

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